Who are we? We're Warren County Citizens and we're here to fight for   

        Our Right to live in a Beautiful - Safe - Community!!            

We Know our worth and we will not settle for less!!!

Citizens for Sustainable Development wants to spread our message of hope and determination.  We believe that  our community can make a difference and that collective actions can greatly impact where we Live, Work and Play.  Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team of All Volunteers works tirelessly to contribute their part to the greater good of Warren County Citizens and Surrounding Neighbors!


What are we about & Who do we work with?


We are New Jersey residents who are dedicated to protecting our community from the irreversible, massive destruction of over-development.   Our group is under the umbrella of the N.J. Highlands Coalition of Boonton, N.J.   We work to keep our community informed, and to raise funds that help the Delaware Riverkeepers' fight to defend our community, waterways, roads and farmlands from overdevelopment and pollution.   Your donations will help champion the Lawyers, Engineers and Supplies necessary in our advocacy.   

Our community thanks you in advance for your commitment & contribution!!!! 


If you want to learn more about who we stand with on our fight, please visit the below websites.                                           NJ Highlands Coalition ~ www.njhighlandscoalition.org    

Delaware River Keeper Network ~ www.delawareriverkeeper.org  

People have asked: “What has CFSD accomplished after 24 months of fighting? 

Well, let us answer:       CFSD has accomplished a lot!


1. As early as August 2019, we identified the need to examine existing zoning in the White Township industrial areas South of Belvidere. The Planning Board listened and included these areas in their ongoing Master Plan reexamination;


2. We opposed a proposal by the WTPB subcommittee to create a “Jaindl Overlay Zone” within a larger LDI District which was otherwise prohibiting warehousing. The Planning Board listened and withdrew the proposal.


3. We've identified the fact that existing industrial zoning would swamp Route 519 upon buildout. The Planning Board listened and down-zoned the permissible building intensity not only in industrial areas South of Belvidere but everywhere. The changed zoning expressly prohibits warehousing.


4. Our activism has spurred Harmony Township and Lopatcong Township to reassess their zoning to prohibit warehousing altogether or to severely limit its density.


5. We have actively opposed the Jaindl application every step of the way including questioning conflicts of interest and propriety of public notice.  This project, first conceptually introduced in March of 2019, is still a long way from approval.


6. Our efforts have raised awareness of the warehouse threat and are at least partly responsible for Warren County undertaking a comprehensive traffic study of impacts on the Route 519........but,



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