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Thank you for your support for the past 4 years!!!

Nearly 600 Acres of White Township Farmland in Warren County, NJ to be Preserved by the State of NJ. They have entered an agreement to purchase from Jaindl As Preserved Farmland!!!

Thank you to all our Supporters!! 4 years and we'll not give up on this victory until it's a done deal!!!
Yes Warren County, this is a Victory!!                             


Jaindl to drop major New Jersey warehouse development after state offers to buy land

Who are we? We're Warren County Citizens and We're here to fight for   
        Our Right to live in a Beautiful - Safe-Community       
We Know our worth and we will not settle for less!!!
Citizens for Sustainable Development wants to spread our message of hope and determination.  We believe that  our community can make a difference and that collective actions can greatly impact where we Live, Work and Play.  Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team of All Volunteers works tirelessly to contribute their part to the greater good of Warren County Citizens and Surrounding Neighbors!
Image by Dan Meyers
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What are we about & Who do we work with?

Since CFSD's birth in the spring of 2019, a primary objective has been to prevent warehouses from being built on prime farmland between Route 519 and The Delaware River in White Township, Warren County, NJ. Related objectives are to prevent additional truck traffic on Rte. 519 and other local roads, preventing any form of resulting pollution, and preventing devastation to farmland, natural habitats, and wildlife. CFSD's primary and related objectives are rooted in a core mission to maintain a peaceful, rural quality of life that respects the bounties of nature.    

Our community thanks you in advance for your commitment & contributions!!!!

If you want to learn more about who we stand with on our fight, please visit the below websites. NJ Highlands Coalition    
Delaware River Keeper Network ~  

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