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White Twp. Planning Board meeting 4/13/21

The focal point was on the Solar Field Application located on Foul Rift Road. They will be conducting a massive cleanup of the grounds due to the condition that Nature's Choice left the property in. A lengthy discussion on Buffers and fencing. They are looking to expand the solar field on Block 21 Lot 11 also owned by their landlord. They vouched to be good neighbor's, to do anything the township requires of them and to have the berms and tree lines examined every two years to ensure there is no visibility to neighboring homes. They will plant more trees if nature thins them out over time. They expect to run the solar panels for 15 years. They also confirmed that the type of panels they will be using are not the type that have been responsible for many bird deaths across the country and that their panels are not designed to emit heat. Due to the layout of the sections of the panel system they do not feel there will be a strong water run off. A preliminary vote took place resulting of approval. Board member requested for all future meetings that applicants provide more detail to who they will have speaking and on what topics so the board can be fully prepared and not caught by any surprises for all applicants moving forward. This is not something they can mandate but will ask of the applicants as a courtesy. This will allow them to be better prepared with understanding and questions along with fastening the pace as it will eliminate going over the same topics at following meetings if they can do their research before the meetings vs after.

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