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White Township Planning Board Meeting Notes 2/9/21

I was not able to attend the meeting until 8 pm. From that point on: Structure and Lighting have not changed between the phase 1 revised plans and original plans. Finelli was not called to speak due to Monday’s snow time was lost and he was unable to complete the reports of all three sets of plans. He hopes Finelli will be able to speak at next month’s meeting. Changes to Foul Rift road and 519 intersection will be discussed at next meeting as well.

It was said with switching of speakers without notice to public last meeting and this meeting the public can’t be prepared.

Jaindl’s attorney requested to block community questions on topics. Our Chairperson stated the community has valuable information that he would like to hear. It was said there will be 1000 vehicles per hour of that the truck traffic would be one truck per minute from the proposed warehouse. When asked if this number could be higher he only responded with they use the national methodology to come to these numbers. Chase (Jaindl’s traffic expert) confirmed that his report shows traffic will be under 50% capacity and the road rating will remain as a F even though the county report says we are over capacity and the warehouse will create a D rating just above failing. When questioned what the confidence level number is in their report Chase was unaware of it. I was said it is a number available to him, he stated he would look that up. Chase was told that similar project in PA projected a 10% increase of traffic it increased traffic by 300%. It was also confirmed it was that it had the potential of running 24/7. Drew from White Twp. Committee had said that with quarries closing down the road possibly there would be few dump trucks, later a resident offered that she heard on of the quarries was actually expanding. 74,000 square feet of office space in inputted into the traffic count during hours. When asked what will keep school buses safe from being hit by tractor trailers going 50 mph downhill and often speeding the response was they are required to stop at lights and for buses Jaindl’s attorney again asked that community comments be ceased in regards to traffic. Our Chairperson stated he wants to allow the board to receive as much information as possible and denied his request.

Ritter who is the site planner for Lopatcong was brought in by Jaindl’s attorney to speak. He stated Phase 2 has what is now referred to as Lot 5 is which is made up of portions of five other lots that will be cut and merged into Lot 5. The lot on 519 will be agricultural. Right away roads on South Foul Rift have been removed. The eleven lots he owns on the waterfront opposite side of the railroad tracks will remain undeveloped. He stated they are adding a perm and trees that will conceal the view of the warehouses from 519 after a few years when plants grow in. Building height will be 50 feet. Drawing shows 60 feet he remarked. Cross examination will be postponed until the next meeting.

All three applications will be continued in the next meeting, March and into April. For witnesses in the future at they will bring Mr. Ritter and if we receive reviewed reports from Mr. Holt are submitted in time they will bring Finelli to the next meeting.

Important: These notes do not cover all that took place at the meeting. Less of the community is showing to these meetings. It is important to let the board know that there is still large concern. We need to keep the pressure on. You can dial in and put phone on speaker phone as you move forward with your daily routine. Thank you in advance.

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