Save the Date: Thu, November 4, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

The Jaindl Warehouse proposed in White Township will be the 7th biggest in the USA, yet their application is far from “a done deal" <<=== Eventbrite Link to Sign Up for our Free Webinar <<===

Please join us, Citizens for Sustainable Development, for an informational ZOOM webinar on the short history, current status, and future of the proposed Jaindl Warehouse along Route 519; to hear about the work our group has accomplished and your capability to get involved. CFSD was formed in May, 2019 in direct response to a conceptual proposal of 6,000,000 square feet of warehouses on 600 acres in White Township. The current Jaindl plan, pictured below, involves the creation of a nearly 1,900,000 square foot warehouse and a separate 800,000 square foot warehouse on prime farmland, right along the Delaware River, on scenic route 519.

The proposed warehouse holds serious ramifications for the current infrastructure, environment, and traffic conditions in this area of Warren County. While many residents believe this Jaindl project to be already approved, there are many hurdles left for Jaindl to maneuver before any progress can be made. CFSD has accomplished much in these last two years, from aiding the Planning Board in their decision to rezone the area around the Jaindl proposal to expressly prohibit warehouses, to raising awareness about the traffic and environmental impacts the Warehouse will have on our rural way of life. We are residents of all walks of life. We are you. We share one common concern: the Jaindl Land Company warehouse project will be catastrophic to the rural quality of life that we moved here for. We are determined to stop it...with your help.

Join us ~ via the Webinar Link posted above!

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Here is the video... Please make sure to get your letters out!!!!! Make the August Meeting!!!!