Phillipsburg Church Located On Median Of Route 22

Below is a little history of the church on the median on 22. I was wondering what the fate of the church would be if they expand 22 and stumbled on this from 2009 Warren County Road Planning report.

St. James Lutheran Church The St. James Lutheran Church, also known as the Straw Church, is located within the US Route 22 median island, between Greenwich Street and County Route 519. The cemetery for the church is located at the northeast quadrant of US Route 22 and County Route 519 in Greenwich Township. Built in 1750, the church was constructed of logs and was thatched with a straw roof, hence the name. The old Straw Church was the first Lutheran Church in the area, with services beginning in 1769. The second building was constructed of field stone in 1790, while the present day structure, built in 1834, is constructed of brick. Although the site is not officially listed on either the State or National Register of Historic Places, the site received a Designation of Eligibility (DOE) on December 27, 1996 from the Keeper of the National Register and an NJ-SHPO Opinion of Eligibility on May 20, 1996.

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