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December 3rd 2020 @ 7pm Master Plan Continued

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

On December 3rd the Master Plan Meeting will be continued. Please make sure to log onto this meeting. We should have a final outcome at this meeting. We were on our way to have meeting completed on 11/13... However, Tara advised at the last hour that Mr. Spasaro Jaindl's lawyer had an Engineer and Traffic Consultant that they hired to ask questions and it could take 3 hours.. So,at 10pm, the board had to make a judgement call on whether to proceed until 12am or later or call it and continue.. Some of the board wanted to continue, but had to make sure the public also had time to ask questions. When available you can find the meeting minutes at If you have further questions, sign up to become a member, fill out our contact list and join our Forum! Thank you for your continued support to the Citizens of Warren County, NJ! CFSD

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