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Dec. 3rd PB Master Plan Meeting Update

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

White Township's Master Plan meeting has been extended again scheduled to be continued on Dec 29th. The original Master Plan in November failed to complete as more time was required for Jaindl's attorney to have his three experts take the floor.

The Dec 3rd meeting took 25 minutes waiting for everyone to be able to connect to Zoom and troubleshoot audio issues that individuals were having. The meeting commenced with going over the history of the Master Plan amendments as requested by White Twp.'s attorney. During this discussion it covered areas not included into the public sewage regions due to water quality rules. When speaker was asked if it was a surprise that Pequest approved extending a sewage line to the Jaindl properties the response was yes, because those properties are not located within the sewer service area. Environmental Sensitive Areas as defined in NJ7:15, you are not allowed to put Environmental Sensitive Areas into a sewer service which includes much of White Twp.'s LDI and I areas. A map that White Twp. has publicly available on their website was produced showing zones which are not within the sewer service area. Jaindl's attorney stated he was not made aware that map existed and that it would be discussed at the current meeting and none of his experts at hand specialize in that area and he would need to come back with different experts that could address these concerns. The meeting closed around 10 pm without any of Jaindl's experts that he brought with him speaking and the next meeting will be held on Dec 29th.

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